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Feeling constantly bloated?

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Muscles keep cramping?

Unable to lose weight?

Hair falling out?

Allergies or eczema?

Some of the therapies I offer to help you recover your health and rejuvenate yourself

Healthy Hair

Hair Mineral Analysis

What we can tell from your hair…how can hair mineral analysis help plot your course steering you back to great health? ? Learn more…

Nutrition and wellbeing Cynthia Sillars

Nutrition & Wellbeing

What might be the hidden causes of your health problems? Learn more…

Spiritual health wellbeing

Empowering You

If you long for complete ‘wellbeing and want help in bringing peace to your spirit… minfullness can help you with your journey. Learn more…

What my clients say

“I have been working with Cynthia for over two years. She helps me optimise my diet and fuelling in order to strengthen and sustain my full on life style. Cynthia really does understand human body chemistry and how, with correct care, to prevent and overcome illness and in my case maximise my health, fitness and strength. We are all ‘connected’ so her work impacts mind, body and spirit. I really look forward to my sessions with Cynthia, they are a tour de force of maximising my potential and I leave supercharged for the next three months.
(Naturopathy, Hair Mineral Analysis and Opti-0-3 Blood spot test)”                Carol C

More testimonials here.

The protocols I have worked out are based on science not hearsay. Take the first step…recover your health.  Read more of what my clients say…

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