What if…? A six part blog on Hair Mineral Analysis

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hair mineral analysis

Hair mineral analysis

What if there was a way of finding out all you really needed to know to quick-start recovering your health?
What if this test was so simple and non-invasive that it took a few minutes to collect and submit?
What if the results were so well explained, with every detail covered on your mineral status, you would truly understand what was happening to your health?

This test really does exist!  It’s called Hair Mineral Analysis. In the next few weeks I’m going to cover every aspect of this test to show you why I think it is the best value for money, most comprehensively helpful test I have ever come across. It  is affordable to everyone.

So what is this test?

It’s a laboratory test that measures nutritional minerals held in hair tissues (15 essential ones and 8 toxic ones). The laboratory is based in Texas, USA. It’s the best in the world and is used by the US government for testing, plus it is approved by the FDA – the Food and Drugs Administration, a supervisory body holding the highest standards. As I say to people, it’s not a shed in someone’s back garden. It is a state-of-the-art independent laboratory founded in 1984 and is the world leader in hair mineral analysis serving thousands of professionals in 46 countries across the world.

Why Minerals? What’s so important about minerals?

Minerals are possibly more important than vitamins. They are, to use the old fashioned cliché, the spark plugs of life. They are like a car ignition, or a detonator. They spark up other cascades of energy within the person’s body. These exchanges of mineral energy with food and fluids provide the raw materials upon which everything else relies. They are the bedrock of our health.  They inter-react with every other nutrient. This means that without optimum mineral levels in our bodies the other nutrients are not so effectively used. This can lead to major health problems but what’s so great about this test is hair can tell you what’s about to happen before it actually does. The Hair Mineral Analysis shows up TRENDS. This gives you a chance to prevent the disaster before it happens.

How does hair grow? (Or why choose hair)?

This is a good question! You might think blood would be a better choice to find out what minerals are in a person’s body. A hair mineral test taken properly will reveal long term and short term (as in a crisis) mineral status and toxic metal accumulation. It gives an insight into intracellular activity, which cannot be seen through other tests. Intracellular means ‘inside the cell’, which is where the DNA and mitochondria reside. This is of enormous importance when finding out root causes of health issues.

For example, nutrient loss from the body can become so advanced that severe health conditions can develop without any noticeable changes in those same nutrients showing up in a blood test. It is a way of glimpsing into the future of that person’s likely health breakdown. More of this later!

Hair is formed in the dermis (the skin) from clusters of cells that make up the hair follicle. The hair has growth spurts and it is during these spurts that I picks up everything that’s going on in the blood and the lymph stream in your body. As the growing hair follicle reaches the surface of the skin its outer layers harden and this locks in the minerals and metabolites accumulated in its growth spurt. It’s so easy to then take the sample and see what’s really going on.

Part two of this six part series is a more detailed explanation of what is involved.