Beta Glucans offer a wealth of support for health and immunity. The powerful web site has a long list of the benefits of Beta Glucans. These include, but are not limited to, high cholesterol, hay fever, eczema, upper airways infections, high blood pressure, inflammation in the digestive tract and more. So where can you find Beta Glucans?

Anyone who has been to see me for a consultation will know that they are a key ingredient in my Eat-Anytime-Muesli. Eating oat bran cannot be underestimated, with real results showing after 12 weeks. A teaspoonful a day will not really have much of an impact. Add a generous amount to your seed muesli and really start to feel the benefits.

For the past eight years, health claims for beta-glucan-containing foods have been allowed in the United States, Canada, Sweden, Finland, and the United Kingdom. This has mostly been related to lowering cholesterol. Only a few studies have been done on oat Beta Glucans. The majority have been done on mushrooms.

However, they are an excellent fibre and have sufficient Beta Glucan present to make them a worthwhile addition to your diet. Please contact me if you wish to have the Eat-Anytime-Muesli. or text me on 07599520406 – please don’t telephone.