Vital Force Therapy

Vital Force Therapy

‘Vitalism’ –  the origin and phenomena of life are dependent on energy. This energy is detached and distinct from purely chemical or physical forces. 

The power of a group of people working together has its roots in history – there are many ancient references to powerful healing groups achieving the miraculous. In the days before science took pre-eminence the role of the healer was held in reverence. This was not because people were so ignorant they knew no better, but because people experienced profound changes from the energy received in these sessions. Also known as “Healing Intention Therapy”, regular meetings are held throughout the year. All who come say the effect for them is calming and releases tensions.

Mindfulness and compassion are part of the sessions. These dedicated laypeople wish to enable healing intentions to be offered, mindfully, to those who seek help. No fees are asked or expected.  If you would like to find out more please email me or contact me through this portal here Get in touch or, send me a text message 07599 520406 leaving your name and a best time to call you back. Ultimately, all moments are really one, therefore now is an eternity. 

Power of 8 has become the most recognised healing intention work across the world due to Lynne McTaggart, author of ‘The Intention Experiment’ and a respected journalist worldwide.

Harnessing the miraculous energies of small groups of people to heal others, your own life, you health and more is now being led by me at my clinic in Darlington. It is working “well”… By intending for someone else, you yourself feel much better at the end of the hour long meditation.

To find out more contact me by mobile – telephone or text 07599520406 now!

You can’t miss it – it will be extraordinary. And fun!