What if you are a slow metaboliser? What’s is that anyway! Part 2 of Hair Mineral Analysis

14 Days to Detox!, Hair Mineral Analysis

Do you know your Metabolic type? Even more important, do you know why it matters to know your Metabolic type? And what is a Metabolic type anyway?
In this second part of Hair Mineral Analysis I’m going to explain what a ‘Metabolic Type’ is then how the hair reveals this very important insight into your health.

Metabolic types come in two forms, the Slow Metaboliser and the Fast Metaboliser. Most of the people I see are Slow metabolisers and seem to stay that way but show improvements in their health regardless of being a Slow Metaboliser. So it can take on a false presumption that this person is always tired out when in reality they can be full of beans! The way we handle stress and what we eat and drink, how we give time to eating and drinking (Mindfully or Mindlessly) dictates what sort of metabolism we have. Are you stressed out and have been for ages? What I call Stressed and Tired. Or are you Stressed and Wired? Hyper- stressed responding to a crisis?

A man called Hans Selye developed the stages of stress reactions. These are –

  • the alarm stage,
  • the resistance stage
  • the recovery stage and
  • the EXHAUSTION stage

Which one are you? Wouldn’t you like to find out?
Finding out about your Metabolic Type is empowering and gives insight as to how you can manage your health in the long term. Hair shows what is happening at a cellular level because of the way it grows and stores body minerals in a way that blood or blood serum alone cannot reveal.
More about this in the next blog…